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Purrfect Pet Care


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About Us

In-Home Pet Care Providers...

PURRFECT PET CARE provides in-home pet care services to ease the stress and anxiety for both you and your pet during  the time that you aren't able to be together.


At rates comparable to that of a kennel, your family pet can stay in their home while you are away on vacation or out on business.  Our caring staff will come to your home and provide the basic care to meet the needs of your pet.
As the founder of Purrfect Pet Care, Dennielle identified an area of need in people's families as their lives continue to become busier and busier.
Having been raised on farms and involved in numerous acts of animal care, from kittens to horses, Dennielle is equipped with life-long experience and an education in Animal Sciences and Administration.
You can be sure that Dennielle will provide care to your pets with dignity and respect - just as she does to her own family pet - China Doll, her Himalayan feline friend.


P.O. Box 20058
St. Thomas, Ontario
N5P 4H4
Phone: (519) 637-7872
Fax: (519) 637-0439

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