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Purrfect Pet Care

Black Cat

Welcome to our web site!

Purrfect Pet Care provides in-home pet care to help ease the anxiety and stress for both you and your pet during the times when you aren't able to be together.

When it is deemed necessary to place your pet, whether a cat or a dog, into a kennel environment, it can have an emotional impact on your pet.  Pets can become withdrawn and may even stop eating.  When this happens, your pet may become ill and appear unkempt, however this is rarely a reflection of the animal care providers at the kennel - your pet is often just homesick.
NOW you can have an
come to your home and provide
care in familiar surroundings!
Whether you are away all day and want someone to stop in, or you are away for weeks on business, PURRFECT PET CARE can arrange to provide care to you family pet on a convenient schedule at a resonable cost.
Rates are available on a daily, weekly or weekend basis.

P.O. Box 20058 
St. Thomas, Ontario
N5P 4H4 

Bus/Home: (519) 637-7872

Fax: (519) 637-0439


A proud member of the Canadian Pet Sitters Association

You can be care free knowing that your family pet is receiving affordable quality care.

Family walking along the shore at sunset

At PURRFECT PET CARE, we offer specialized services for your extended absence, such as key and mail pick-up to curtain and light adjustments.